It is about coming together trying to be with one voice and hope for the best future

We can because we have what it takes. RAFM!!

RAFM NZ we are committed to improving the socio-cultural life here in New Zealand. As a community  we will  ensure that our culture is respected as  people with a unique identity.

Radio Africa Fm NZ has the vision to enhance our operations and ensure effective service to our friends , brothers sisters and all of communities, would at all times ensure that there exists a  motivated and trained staff who are dedicated to contribute to the success of the community.

Our vision and  goals are :

  • To work to the max to increase knowledge of the African cultures, traditions, histories and languages.
  • To establish an effective network for the African Business Community.
  • To provide a batter way for access to information relevant to our Community of listeners.
  • To provide a culturally diverse programming for the Community, providing music.
  • To inform about local, national events taking place in the African Community here in NZ.
  • To  be able to support clubs, social and cultural activities of the African and non African Community in the in New zealand

Mission statement

RAFM NZ is a community radio station, operating under the policies and procedures . RAFM NZ serves the interests of African communities and the citizens of New Zealand and the nations of the world via internet, giving special attention to the interests of people’s culture and  historically ignored by the media.We broadcasts music, informational cultural and kids programs exploring a wide range of cultural and social alternatives, and emphasizing information and no-political comments or news, and community sport.RAFM will be providing training in radio broadcasting to all members of the community willing.